Exhibition view at The Hole Gallery.
Exhibition photography by Megan Cullen.


Copper, Brass, steel, wood structure
23 x 19 x 19 cm
Photography by Paavo Lehtonen.

Marble, ash wood
30 x 19 x 19 cm
Photography by Paavo Lehtonen.

25 x 12 x 12 cm
Photography by Paavo Lehtonen.

Porcelain, glaze, white gold luster
24 x 19 x 19 cm
Photography by Paavo Lehtonen.

Steel, leatherĀ 
26 x 12 x 12 cm
Photography by Paavo Lehtonen.

Glass, gold sprayed rose
38 x 14 x 14 cm
Photography by Paavo Lehtonen.

Dislocation: Checkmate is a collaboration between Jesse Auersalo and Man Yau that brings together sculpture and two-dimensional prints using traditional methods to produce avant-garde works on the borderland of art and design. The exhibited pieces in Checkmate fall into two categories of adult playthings: chess equipment and sex toys. Chess is essentially a game of strategy and intelligence while sex is instinctual. Checkmate explores the mutual connections and associations between the two games in relation to each other. What constitutes as a game? Can games be played without rules? How do the categories of form and function apply to playthings? Utterly unusable, displayed as unfinished game of chess in the gallery space, the Checkmate chess pieces consist of six sculptures reminiscent of dildos and butt plugs handcrafted in sophisticated materials. A numbered edition of photographic prints accompanies the sculptures. Taken by photographer Paavo Lehtonen, they embody the King, the Queen, the Rook, the Knight, the Bishop, and the Pawn.

Checkmate is part of Dislocation, a collaborative project between Man Yau, visual artist Jesse Auersalo and photographer Nina Merikallio. The Dislocation exhibition explores different interpretations of the body ranging from over proportionate sex toys to platonic nudes. The exhibited pieces work on intellectual and primitive levels verging on the orgasmic. Introducing new ways of seeing the corporeal experience they question everyday design and fashion photography.

Checkmate sculptures and photographs were exhibited at The Hole Gallery, New York in 2014.