2013 || 1/3 | BLUNTO | Marble, glass, gold plated copper | 54 x 49 x 49 cm ||Photography by Anna Niskanen.

Detail of the work||Photography by Anna Niskanen.

Porcelain, glaze, white gold luster|
79 x 50 x 50cm||Photography by Anna Niskanen.

Marble, diorite, glass, birch, acrylic, steel |
87 x 50 x 50cm||Photography by Anna Niskanen.

Detail of the work||Photography by Anna Niskanen.

The book is made in collaboration with
Jaakko Suomalainen (identity), Jukka Ovaskainen (photography)and Maria Tasula (journalist)||Photography by Anna Niskanen.

Semiprecious started as a journey to question the concept of value and presumptions of status within contemporary art. The three Semiprecious sculptures are made entirely using traditional and meticulous manual techniques such as sculpted marble and porcelain casts. They could essentially be used as water pipes, an object that has a rich history going back to 16th century Chinese nobility yet today seen as obscene. The illicit nature of the sculptures is deceived by the fine form that turns the audience’s response into positive, thus the underground camouflages itself to the auction house through valuable materials and craftsmanship.

Each sculpture is accompanied by an exhibition book that follows the challenges and joys of the work process throughout one year. Semiprecious is documented by photographer Jukka Ovaskainen and graphic designer Jaakko Suomalainen.

In collaboration with: Jaakko Suomalainen, Jukka Ovaskainen, Maria Tasula, Bukowskis, Shadi&Stephanie Productions, Cocoa Helsinki, Konstsamfundet, Fotoyks, Lasismi and Redfina. MODERN + CONTEMPORARY concept.

Semiprecious was exhibited and auctioned at Bukowskis Helsinki in November 2013. Blunto, from Semiprecious series, has been exhibited at “We Live Here” show at Stockholm Design Week 2015 and Boyo at “Table Talks” exhibition at Design Museum Arabia, Helsinki in 2015.

For more information: http://semiprecioussf.tumblr.com